Makeup and Dresses for Wedding Day

by chalwoona

Makeup and Dresses Ideas for Wedding

makeup for wedding

makeup and dresses for wedding day

Becoming a wonderful bride is every girl’s dream. To make that dream comes true, a bride to be should be aware of her choices for makeup and wedding dress.

If you’re an asian, you can easily inspired by korean’s makeup. The makeup ideas is very natural and give a hint of healthy glow. That’s probably my most favorite style of makeup.

When it comes to dresses, make sure that it can show all your good side, for example tall neck, long legs, etc and cover up your flaws, perhaps a stretch mark or something like that.

Last tips from me, is just be yourself. Wedding day is the magical day when you choose someone to be your long-life partner, and he should be understand you completely. So don’t be a fake bride.

Alright ladies, tell me what’s your best idea in makeup and dresses for wedding day 🙂 Let me know in the comments below.

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