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Foundation Routine for Redness Coverage

Source: Foundation Routine for Redness Coverage


Foundation Routine for Redness Coverage

You need redness coverage foundation tutorial? Here we got the step by step guide from professional makeup artist who also has a lot of redness, Stephanie Lange. To cover them, it isn’t just about the color but also the texture. Curious enough now? Keep reading.

First step is to moisturize. It’s very important to make sure the next step is doing well.

foundation routine

The next step is foundation. Chanel Perfection Lumia Velvet Foundation is a really good foundation. It has good coverage for redness.

foundation routine

Set the foundation in place with powder. To hide the imperfections, use fine powder that will mattifying your skin. If your skin is matte, it’s not going to catch up any light so the imperfection will not be highlighted.

foundation routine

The application of the powder is also important. Remember to just press the powder onto your skin and not drag it. Make sure not to do anything that will move the foundation around.

foundation routine

Another foundation that Stephanie recommend is MAC Studio Fix Foundation. It has more coverage than the Chanel one

foundation routine

Other alternative that slightly cheaper is the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. This is actually has better coverage than the MAC Studio Fix.

foundation routine

Image Borrowed From Stephani Lange Youtube Channel

Korean Makeup: How to Get Youthful Look

Korean makeup is globally known to aim for a youthful look. One of the face of korean youthful look is Sandara Park from a girl group 2NE1. She has the most amazing baby face. And it looks even better with the right makeup. So, what can you do to achieve this look? Keep reading 🙂

korean makeup

Korean Makeup Face 2NE1 Dara

First of all, to give yourself a young and lively look ala korean makeup, you need to use a foundation or any other kind of base product that gives a dewy finish. This is very important because matte product can make you look dull and overall make you look older. If you have oily skin, and you’re worried to look like an oil factory, use your trusty foundation but then apply moisturizing mist after. It will give your skin glow that is similar to dewy skin.

korean makeup youthful look

Korean Makeup Face AOA Seolhyun

Secondly, use a lighter color for your brows and lips. When you’re shaping your brows, shaping it fairly straight and thicker than usual with light application. This is probably the reason why korean makeup is very distinct, it’s because they have their own definition of good brows shape. And for the lips, use a lively color such as pink or peach, such as the color that wore by AOA Seolhyun, that is indeed very pretty and it gives a fresh lively look. So, what do you say? Is korean makeup a YAY or NAY for you? Let me know in the comment below.

Alasan Kenapa Diet OCD Berbahaya

Selama ini banyak program diet yang dikenal cepat dan manjur untuk menurunkan berat badan secara cepat. Tetapi, yang jadi pertanyaan: amankah program tersebut? Belakangan marak sekali orang-orang menjalankan program diet OCD ala Deddy Corbuzer. Tanpa tahu dasar ilmiahnya, orang-orang hanya tahu untuk ikut-ikutan. Ini yang bahaya!

Kenapa Diet OCD Berbahaya


kenapa diet OCD berbahaya

Bisa Anda lihat dari gambar di atas, jika Anda mengikuti program OCD, sama saja Anda menjalankan program nomor 2. Itu tidak sehat karena gula darah Anda akan naik drastis ketika Anda makan siang. Bukankah Deddy membebaskan programnya untuk makan apapun? Kira-kira setelah kelaparan begitu lama, Anda akan makan apa? Nasi kan pastinya? Karbohidrat mengandung gula  sangat tinggi dan untuk mengatasinya, produksi insulin akan ditingkatkan. Sama sekali tidak sehat.

Berbeda jika Anda mengikuti program diet sehat, Anda pastinya TETAP di-WAJIB kan sarapan. Tidak ada orang waras di dunia yang berkata sarapan itu tidak sehat. Jika sarapan tidak sehat, guru IPA tidak akan mengajarkan pada anak-anak SD  untuk selalu sarapan. Jangan mau dibodohi dengan marketing yang abal-abal. Percayakan program diet Anda pada HERBALIFE yang jelas memiliki lab sendiri dengan teknologi super canggih. Dan Anda akan dibimbing untuk menjalankan program diet secara sehat seperti No. 3!

Simak pro kontra Diet OCD dalam video di bawah ini.

Korean Beauty


Most of the time, korean beauty identic with flawless skin, soft eye makeup, pigmented lips, and pigmented cheeks. If you see at the Miss A Suzy’s picture above you’ll get the whole ideas of Korean Beauty.

Image courtesy at picture by hoginwang

Believe in pass…

Believe in passion for beauty – Chalwoo

I don’t really know when this line comes to my head, but it’s now become my possession. Believe in passion for beauty 🙂

Makeup and Dresses for Wedding Day

Makeup and Dresses Ideas for Wedding

makeup for wedding

makeup and dresses for wedding day

Becoming a wonderful bride is every girl’s dream. To make that dream comes true, a bride to be should be aware of her choices for makeup and wedding dress.

If you’re an asian, you can easily inspired by korean’s makeup. The makeup ideas is very natural and give a hint of healthy glow. That’s probably my most favorite style of makeup.

When it comes to dresses, make sure that it can show all your good side, for example tall neck, long legs, etc and cover up your flaws, perhaps a stretch mark or something like that.

Last tips from me, is just be yourself. Wedding day is the magical day when you choose someone to be your long-life partner, and he should be understand you completely. So don’t be a fake bride.

Alright ladies, tell me what’s your best idea in makeup and dresses for wedding day 🙂 Let me know in the comments below.

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Best Lipstick

best lipstick

Applying The Best Lipstick

Applying the best lipstick is the weirdest most satisfying feeling in the world. Glides on smoothly, highly moisturize, not sticky nor greasy, and blend really nicely, we all want that feeling whenever we apply listick. I think, all lipsticks in the world should be like that. Especially when you’re going to wear it to special occasion like prom or anything like that.

Do you have any other ideas about the best lipstick? What’s the best lipstick that you’ve already tried so far? If you have any recommendation, do let me know in the comments below. And if you like, you can vote for the best lipstick of your opinion in the vote column below. Enjoy your best lipstick 🙂

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Dress for Prom Ideas

ball gown

Prom Dress

Becoming a prom queen is a dream of every girl. Prom queen is the symbol of beauty, luxury, and perfecsion at the same time. This article will guide you to choose the perfect dress for prom night.

First of all, find your OWN-style. If you’re a sweet type of girl, try a pastel colour. If you’re a cheerful girl, try a bright colour, and if you’re a brave and sexy girl, try a read or wine colour, and if you have complicated personality then choose something that can reflect it, which is black. Just remember to choose colour that suits your personality the most.

The next tips is to find the right shape of the dress. If you have long legs, choose dress to make your legs appears beautifully. If you have short legs, choose a dress with layers to cover your flaws.

The last but not least tips is to HAVE FUN. Life is too short to worries about one night. Just enjoy yourself, show the best of you, and the world will know if you have the potential to become the best of the best.

Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev at

Prom Makeup Eyes

Prom Makeup Eyes

This is the prom makeup eyes look by Michelle Phan. Learn how to create this beautiful look by watching her video entitled “Perfect Prom & Graduation Look”. This look is very simple but clean and edgy, perfect for prom. With this look, you can be the one and only prom queen of the night.